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Earl Grey Special

Black Tea - moderate caffeine
9,75 €
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premium loose leaf tea canister
Black tea, bergamot oil, flower petals 

We are proud to offer our new loose leaf tea containers. The content varies from 50 to 100 grams depending on the size of the tea leaves. Each canister is 100% recyclable and contains approximately 25-50 portions. Our Earl Grey Special is Kosher . Explore all teas in this collection.


The famous recipe that legend says was created for the Earl of Gray in the early XIX century, has become a classic because people all over the world are seduced by the marriage of black tea and bergamot from Calabria. We have recreated this recipe using a more fragrant Ceylon black tea, true bergamot essential oil, and enriched the melange with colorful cornflower and calendula petals. The result is simply the ideal everyday tea.


black tea

bergamot essential oil



tasting notes


Characteristic lively aroma of bergamot, with secondary floral notes.


Characteristic black tea leaves, with yellow and blue petals. Clear amber liquor.


The liquor is rich, full-bodied, and boasts flavors of malt and citrus fruit. The tea lends sweetness to the cup imparting notes of caramel and malt, while bergamot adds the sour note. The flavors come together in perfect harmony and render a luscious mouthfeel. In the mouth the liquor is immediately rich and full-bodied with typical notes of black tea and the unmistakable citrus scent of bergamot. Ceylon tea lends sweetness to the infusion by imparting notes of caramel and malt, while bergamot adds a shining brilliant note. The flavors blend in perfect harmony, and give this blend a sumptuous feeling.


Ideal for accompanying afternoon tea with classic sandwiches and small Italian dry pastries.


250ml of fresh water (filtered if necessary)
water temperature 90̊ C
infusion time, 4 minutes
moderate caffeine
may be consumed morning and afternoon


You may steep your tea more than once. After the first steep, your liquor will be milder and contain less caffeine.

nutritional values

for 1g of tea in 100ml of water

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