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everyday luxury, in a tea bag

Hotel guests have higher expectations than ever, and the amenities tray is one of the first places they go to once they enter the room. Tea is important: it starts your guests' day at breakfast, they enjoy it after dinner, it's a must in any meeting room. In restaurants, it is the culminating moment of a fantastic meal, in a cafe it is as distinguishing an element as the careful choice of coffee beans.

ristaurants and catering

We are passionate about restaurants and catering, because we consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to collaborate with some of our customers. When wedding guests or the patrons of a starred restaurant arrive at the end of their meal, they expect a tea and presentation to match.

bar, cafes e self-service

We collaborate with independent bars as well as medium and small coffee chains, both in Europe and in the US. Our goal is always the same: to offer a premium product at the right price, in line with our client's desire to offer both quality coffee and tea to their customers.


We've been collaborating with hotels in Europe, the US, and Latin America for many years. Our clients range from boutique hotels to small and large chains. Together, we have developed solutions for the lobby, the post-check-in waiting area, rooms, restaurants, bars, the swimming pool and the SPA.

baristas and mixologists

A collaboration that came about by chance but that immediately inspired us greatly. Today more than ever, bartenders and mixologists are brilliant creatives who broaden the horizons of the use of tea in cocktails. Thanks to them, the classic hot tea toddy has given way to exotic and extraordinary recipes.

Why Premium Tea

be premium, in everything

Many renowned hotels, cafes and restaurants have already switched to premium leaf tea, here's why you should too:

  • Blend Tea offers a wide range of teas and special blends to tempt and satisfy all your customers (most are kosher).
  • Blend Tea offers good margins and exceptional quality, with a minimal initial investment.
  • Blend Tea helps you promote your teas with personalized Point of Sale material and exclusive displays.
  • Blend Tea is not for sale in supermarkets.
  • Premium whole leaf tea is the fastest growing segment in the tea market.
  • Customers are willing to pay more for premium full-leaf teas.
  • Blend Tea's pre-portioned pyramidal infusers save you time, and money.
  • Our beautiful tea bag envelopes bring that "wow" effect to your customers, they are easy to use and hygienic, even in a self-service environment.
  • Blend Tea infusers are individually sealed in the best 3-ply material available (and not in simple PE bags), for unsurpassed freshness and durability.

Specialized Retail

for specialized clients

Your customers are increasingly demanding and informed. For them, price is not always the trump card, while premium quality at the right price is certainly very attractive. A store must attract these customers and interpret their needs. If you are interested in serving or retailing Blend Tea, contact us at

specialized retail

Global demand for tea is constantly increasing and premium tea has one of the highest growth rates. Offering a product that meets these demands is easy with Blend Tea.
For more information email us at

international orders

If you are inquiring from outside of Italy, and would like to import Blend Tea, please visit our international section, or contact us at