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Vento d'Autunno

Black Tea - moderate caffeine
7,10 €
Ships in 24h. Delivers on average within 5 working days.
15 pyramid infusers, individually wrapped
Black Tea, Hazelnut, Vanilla Contains allergens: hazelnut

Our infusers are biodegradable and compostable. They are individually sealed in total barrier envelopes, for unsurpassed freshness and shelf life. Our Vento d'Autunno is Kosher . Explore all teas in this collection.


Vento d'Autunno, or "Autumn Wind", is a fitting name for this melange of black tea, hazelnut, and vanilla. It brings to mind the atmosphere of the fall in the country, the glorious sunsets and the trees that change colour.


black tea


hazelnut aroma

hazel tree leaves

tasting notes


Characteristic of hazelnut, followed by a sweet hint of vanilla.


Black tea leaves enriched with green pieces of hazelnut leaves. Intense redddish-amber liquor.


The full and brilliant taste of black tea is immediately accompanied by the creaminess of hazelnuts and vanilla. Very aromatic yet never cloying, to which vanilla adds a sweet and rich note. A soft and well balanced cup. So rich that adding some milk and/or brown sugar seems almost natural.


It goes well with chocolate-based cakes, and can also be enjoyed with the addition of milk or sugar.


250ml of fresh water (filtered if necessary)
water temperature 95̊ C
infusion time, 3 minutes
moderate caffeine
may be consumed morning and afternoon


It can be enjoyed at any time of the day, except in the evening if you are sensitive to caffeine. Excellent with just a touch of brown sugar.

nutritional values

for 1g of tea in 100ml of water

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