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Teapot Minuet® 0.5L

Teapot Minuet® 0.5L
64,95 €
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Teapot Minuet 0.5L, metal
Teapot Minuet, double-wall satin stainless steel, 0.5L Explore all our accessories.


Modern, elegant and practical in use: what more can you want from a teapot? The Minuet® teapot double-wall construction ensures that the temperature and flavor of the tea are retained for an extra long period of time. The teapot's specially designed spout and ergonomic handle provide optimal convenience each time the tea is poured. The spot stops tea from dripping after each pour, and the handle never gets more than lukewarm.
It has a capacity of 0,5Liters and is dishwasher safe.



5.15 in.


6.9 in.


4.56 in.


Stanless Steel


Since 1914, Bredemeijer® has designed and manufactured high quality teapots that decorate living rooms and kitchens all over the world. Bredemeijer® is an authority in the field of teapots and tea accessories, thanks to the invention of the innovative double walled design of its teapots which keeps tea warm and full of flavour for a very long time (while the exterior of the pot can be hadnled without burning your fingers). A Bredemeijer® teapot is characterized by its internationally acclaimed design with an eye for sustainability.

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