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White Czar

White Tea - moderate caffeine
8,10 €
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15 pyramid infusers, individually wrapped
White Tea, Bergamot, Mandarin, Vanilla 

Our infusers are biodegradable and compostable. They are individually sealed in total barrier envelopes, for unsurpassed freshness and shelf life. . Explore all teas in this collection.


Unlike traditional “Goût Russe” teas which are black teas flavoured with citrus aromas, this opulent melange uses a high grade Pai Mu Tan white tea, and masterfully balances its delicate aroma with hints of bergamot, mandarin and vanilla. Truly the Czar of teas.


pai mu tan

rose petals


bergamot essential oil

mandarin aroma

tasting notes


Characteristic of Pai Mu Tan, floral and delicate, with light hints of citrus and vanilla.


White Pai Mu Tan tea leaves and flower petals, with occasional pieces of vanilla bean. Clear yellow liquor.


Delicate but round in the mouth, with typical Pai Mu Tan floral scents and a slight brilliant citrus note. The delicate hint of vanilla rounds off the palate. Enveloping finish, not very persistent.


Best if enjoyed alone, without added sugar, milk or lemon. The low caffeine content makes it suitable for almost all hours of the day.


250ml of fresh water (filtered if necessary)
water temperature 85̊ C
infusion time, 5 minutes
moderate caffeine
may be consumed morning and afternoon


It can be difficult to understand white tea. It is rare and precious, but its taste is delicate and subtle, to the point of seeming almost ephemeral to a person accustomed to black tea. Pai Mu Tan is perhaps the most flavorful of white teas and - in our opinion - also the most appropriate to be enriched with just a hint of citrus and vanilla aroma.

nutritional values

for 1g of tea in 100ml of water

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