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Tea bag strainer

Tea bag strainer
5,00 €
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polished stainelss steel tea bag strainer
Designed in modern style and for ease of use, to remove tea bags from hot water and squeeze every ounce of goodness from your tea leaves, without making a mess on your finger or even worse, on you table cloth. Now that's chic!
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Sometimes it's the things that make life just a little bit easier that we appreciate the most. A simple set of tongs designed to strain tea bags, made with a sturdy handle for strong, easy gripping. Fashioned of polished stainless steel, so they are just as beautiful as they are durable. It's just the most elegant, simple, and effective tool to get every last drop of tea from your tea bag, without ending up with a mess on your fingers or on your clean table cloth. The tea bag squeezer is dishwasher Safe.



6.5 in.


2.36 in.


1.38 in.


Stainless Steel


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