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Filtro a Uovo

Filtro a Uovo
4,19 €
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Tea Egg Filter
Egg Loose Tea Filter, enjoy the unbeatable value and quality of our loose tea puches and the mess-free convenience of this stainless-steel filter. Easy to fill and remove from hot water, and dishwasher safe. Explore all our accessories.


Customize your tea break with this beautiful metal filter for loose leaf tea. Very handy: simply load the filter with a teaspoon of loose tea and drop it into the cup or teapot! If you drink lots of tea and prefer buying our loose tea puches, this filter will combine the unbeatable value of loose-leaf tea with the mess-free convenience of a filter. It's made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.



1.6 in.


1.6 in.


1.8 in.


Stainless Steel


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